Alia Synesthesia is a multi-instrumentalist, trained operatic singer, neo-classical composer, cellist & drummer. Her music compositions defy genre, spanning from electronic dance music, industrial & sludge metal to dungeon synth, neo-classical scores, and operatic works. 

Known for her deep mezzo-soprano vocal tone and experimental distorted cello technique, Alia carries her unique, exotic sound across genres.  

Touring History
As Subterranea & Alia Synesthesia
Since 2017 Alia toured from Hawaii to New Zealand and Japan with her neoclassical symphonic dungeon synth project Subterranea and as a live touring member of industrial/darkwave pioneers Attrition (Coventry, UK). In her home city, Alia opened for the father of dungeon synth Mortiis, as well as black metal/heavy metal band Malokarpatan (Bratislava, Slovakia). Due to versatility and uniqeness of Alia’s sound, she performed with metal bands, goth/darkwave and industrial bands, witch house acts (Valhall), synthwave acts (Dana Jean Phoenix), and dark ambient/experimental acts like Northumbria, Uxvae, and Darsombra. Alia’s voice is often described in reviews as ‘siren-like’, haunting and beautiful, yet powerful and deep. The compositions she weaves are tribal and hypnotic, nightmarish and multi-layered, baroque & complex.
Music Video Reel

Subterranea performed next and truthfully had one of the most beautiful voices I'd had the pleasure of hearing live. So hauntingly beautiful that I found my arms covered in goosebumps a few times during the set. Subterranea offered songs that were unique and melodically bewitching leaving the audience captivated by the end.

More art

Alia Synesthesia is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, visual artist, creative writer, digital/interactive media artist, and video game designer. Browse her non-music related art below.

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